Take Thanksgiving Up a Notch – Hunt for Your Holiday Dinner

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A Real Thanksgiving?
Help Your Kids Harvest a Wild Boar

cooking wild boar Lufkin, cooking wild pigs East Texas, hunting Toledo Bend, wild hogs Sam Rayburn,Are you looking to take Thanksgiving up a notch?

The pilgrims and Native Americans ate food they harvested themselves.

Locally, turkey aren’t in season. However, a lot of other tasty are.

Many East Texas families will be enjoying venison, wild ducks, and flounder on their holiday table.

How about your family?

One of the most common game species is also among the most delicious. Wild hogs.

Feral hogs seem to be everywhere, until you are ready to hunt them. They can be a crafty prey and seem to move on just before you plan to hunt or trap them.

Often East Texas hunters have success harvesting hogs during deer season when they come to deer feeders.

Many Texas hunters keep young pigs and sows but throw away mature boars. Use your best judgement, but some boars are absolutely fantastic table fare. 

Wild Boar can be prepared to look absolutely beautiful on your holiday table.

cooking wild boar Lufkin, cooking wild pigs East Texas, hunting Toledo Bend, wild hogs Sam Rayburn,

If you enjoy hunting and are looking for an adversary you can target year round, wild pigs are an excellent option. 

Sows and young pigs are delicious, but the right boar can offer a wonderful culinary treat on the smoker, grill, or oven.

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