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Stephanie Fuller, Certified Natural Health Professional

Your Body is Looking for Balance
Fuller’s Options in Lumberton Helps You Find It

allergy testing Beaumont, food allergies Lumberton, Southeast Texas muscle response testing,Our body is good at telling you when it is a little out of whack. Unfortunately, we’re not always the best at listening, or interpreting, what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Do you have crippling headaches?

Are you exhausted from trying to figure out your digestive issues?

Are you sleepier than you should be?

Schedule an appointment with Fuller Options.allergy testing Beaumont, food allergies Lumberton, Southeast Texas muscle response testing,

Stephanie uses muscle reflex testing to interpret what your body is trying to tell you.

Perhaps there is something in your regular diet that your body can’t tolerate.

Your body could also be telling you that it is craving nutrients that it is not getting.

Stephanie will then assist you in putting your body back in balance.

Schedule an appointment with Stephanie:

  • Fuller OptionsHealth Evaluations, Allergy Testing, Foot and Hand Detox
  • 405 South Main Street in Lumberton, beside Market Basket
  • (409) 227-4151

You can help your body achieve it’s ideal balance – Stephanie Fuller is ready to assist you.

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