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Education and Technology in Southeast Texas – St. Anne’s Catholic School

High Tech Classrooms in Southeast Texas?
St. Anne’s Catholic School in Beaumont

Technology is not just the future – it’s here today.early childhood development Beaumont, Kindergarten SETX, Pre-school Beaumont, Pre-K 3 Southeast Texas

Perhaps no school does a better job of making the latest educational technology available int he classroom than St. Anne’s.

St. Anne students have access to the latest in educational hardware and software:

  • All classrooms are equipped with computers for student use
  • Document cameras are available to all classrooms
  • Digital projectors
  • SMART Boards, the pioneer of interactive whiteboards.

St. Anne’s School also utilizes Neo Keyboards that offer a full-featured word processor, a complete keyboarding and typing tutor, an application for sharing text files wirelessly among other NEOs and infrared-enabled devices (Beamer), and a calculator with five functions.

Your child deserves a head start when it comes to learning to master technology.

They will get it at St. Anne’s Catholic School in Beaumont.

christian education Beaumont, Catholic school Southeast Texas,

375 North 11th Street in Beaumont

Julie Strassburger, Director of Admissions

(409) 832-5939

Catholic school Beaumont, private school SETX, Christian school Southeast Texas

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