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Guitar Lessons Southeast TexasSoutheast Texas Music Lessons

Guitar, Piano, and Bass are available through the Guitar Lesson Studio in Lumberton.

Southeast Texas has a rich musical heritage.

We gave the world Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, UGK, Clarence “Gatemouth Brown”, George Jones, and many more.

Many Southeast Texas parents want their child to have an opportunity to share in that musical legacy.

One great option is getting your child involved with the Guitar Lesson Studio in Lumberton.

They offer students the chance to learn guitar, piano, or bass.

One of the things that children really appreciate is the chance to learn songs they want to play.

When I took piano lessons as a child, I do not ever remember getting to pick a song, or even a genre of music, that I wanted to play.

My child attends Guitar Lesson Studio and if he hears “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” one week, he can learn that song. If the next month, he’s into AC/DC’s “Back in Black”, he can then learn that song.

By playing the songs they choose, kids stay engaged and practice enthusiastically.

Piano Lessons Southeast Texas

We never have to tell our child to practice, and we hear him practicing in his room three or four times each day.

A few times each week, he’ll come into the living room or kitchen and show us what he’s been working on.

In a week or ten days, he’s pretty close to having a song down.

As a parent, it is great to see a child take ownership of his lessons.

Guitar Lesson Southeast Texas

If you have a child interested in music in general or specifically learning guitar, piano, or bass, go by and talk with Guitar Lesson Studio in Lumberton.

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Guitar Lesson Studio 


1016 N. Main in Lumberton, TX 77657

We hope you enjoyed today’s feature, Southeast Texas Music Lessons: Guitar, Piano, and Bass are available through the Guitar Lesson Studio in Lumberton.Guitar Lessons SETX

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